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Swordfish Fishing Miami

We will catch a Swordfish during the day now and again while shark or Sailfish fishing.  Although if you really want to target Swordfish the nighttime is when you want to fish.  Our population of Swordfish live on and above a complicated series of deep water hills and ledges.  This bottom structure lies from 900 to more than 1800 feet below the surface.  This structure is about 15 to 20 miles from shore, well into the hard north currents of the Gulf Stream.

Swordfish fishing is very specific fishing.  We must fish about 18 miles off shore and start our drift about 20 miles south, to cover all of the best bottom.  The boat will drift the 20 miles in less than six hours, that how fast the current runs.  At twilight the deep water bait (squid, sardines, tinker mackerel, plankton, etc...) all rise to the surface to feed on the nutrient rich level that is exposed to sun light.  The Swords are right behind them.  The feeding frenzy begins just after dark and will continue through the night.

Two Big Swordfish


Capt. Jay with a 100lb Swordfish

We want to be in place and ready for the twilight bite, and remain into the dark of the night for as long as possible. The night time is when the Swords have the advantage, and are on the hunt.

The best baits are fresh squids rigged and dyed, and live blue runners.  Both bait naturally occur off shore and rise near the surface every night, it's what the Swordfish are looking for.   We want to be there to give it to them. 

We use 80lb spectra line with mono top shots, on Penn 50 wide's on standup rods or Penn 80s,on bent butt chair rods.


Swordfish fishing is not for the novice or fait of heart.  We are 20 miles into a dark ocean fishing heavy tackle for big, powerful, hard fighting, and a just plain mean fish.  Swordfish are not like any other fish in the ocean.  Body like a tuna, heart and soul of a Marlin, and the attitude of a shark.  They live in a cruel world fighting the largest creatures for their place.  Hunted by Mako's and Great Whites, while fighting for their share of the food.

Swordfish fishing is exiting with high level of anticipation for that one bite.  The difference between a good night of Swordfish fishing and a great night of Swordfish fishing is ONE successful hookup.  Some nights can be long, although if your lucky we have had one on before the second bait goes in the water. 

If your up for a challenge give a night of Swordfish fishing a shot.  You never know what might rise to the surface.

HOOKED UP at twilight




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