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Thanks to all of our anglers, Young and old.  We had just as much fun as you did.  Keep your comments, and pictures coming.

Thanks... Capt. Jay

Wanted to report back to you that we had a great time yesterday on the boat.  Although we didn't get into any open water stuff we had a great time over the reefs and wrecks.  Capt Gino had a lot of tricks.  He really knows how to fish these waters.  When the kings turned off, we went deep after some tile fish.  When we limited out on tiles, we went to the wrecks and caught some great AJs (1 40lbs and 1 50lbs).  Nate is a great mate who really knows his stuff.  He worked hard and efficiently on the boat.  Both guys have great attitudes and want to work hard to catch you fish.  We will definitely come back!  We had no idea the fishing in Miami could be this good.  We were joking that we can see the water we were fishing in from our condo on Brickell Key.  Who knew?  We would really like to catch some shark, sails, and dolphin when the time of the year is right for each.  We are down quite a bit and will definitely check with you before we come down next time and see what is catching.  Fee free to put this on your web site.  I don't know if you do a news letter or anything like that but if you do, sign us up for it.  Congratulations on the new baby!!!
Tight lines,
Daivd White

Kings - Tilefish - Aj's -

Captain Jay and Mate Joe,

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time my wife and I had on the Spellbound. Our trip to Miami would not have been the same if we did not spend the day on your vessel.

I would like to say thanks and let your customers or those who go to your website what an experience we had...  Click here to read more


Giant Silky Shark

Capt. Jay

My fiancé and I recently had a spectacular fishing experience with Geno and Nate, and were the lucky ones to snag the 72# grouper that looks so fantastic on your webpage. We are having the monster mounted, and as this is our first taxidermy experience, we were curious about the process. We spoke to Terry at Gray Taxidermy, who filled us with the in's and out's of the business. We learned a lot, however, we were truly surprised, to learn that our actual fish is not used in the mount, but rather that our wall trophy will come from a mold. This led us to question what happened to the fish? After inquiring with Terry, he directed us to you. Therefore, we were wondering if you could please answer the question for us... what happened to the grouper? Thank you for your time and help in satisfying our curiosities. We truly enjoyed our experience, and will recommend your services in the future! Thanks again and have a good day.


Anne Hall


72lb Warsaw Grouper

Hey there, Captain Jay!

Hope you're doing well.  Thank you to you and John for a fun trip.  My colleagues raved about you guys and they had a blast, so you've opened more people up to the wonderful world of fishing.  And I know it takes skill and hard work to catch fish when it's not a great day (and when most of the folks have never fished before), so thanks.  Here are a couple of pictures...




Red Snapper and Golden Amberjack

Captain Jay & John,

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for making our fishing trip such an unforgettable experience. Everyone had such a great time and the guys have been telling stories non-stop about the giant bull shark to everyone and anyone who will listen! (Dave’s fishing buddies were very jealous!)
I attached some still photos- and will try to get you the video as soon as I can. We will for sure send pictures of the shark once it’s mounted.

Thank you again for all of your hard work and hospitality. Jay- you have a beautiful boat and an extremely knowledgeable and hard working mate. You should be very proud! Stay well and we will be seeing you soon!

Jenn Greenberg
& Your July 28th Fishing Charter (Steve, Armando, Sean, & Dave)




 7 foot Bull Shark


Howdy Captain Jay,
Thanks a million for a super time over the four days of fishing!  Outstanding fun and memories!  Not only did I catch my first dolphin but we nailed them big time the next day.  A 20lb'er on a spinning rod and the others!!!!!!  You and the crew are the Mahi Magnets!
I searched the internet diligently prior to booking with Captain Jay.  I am from Canada so one has to be very careful in selecting the right crew to go out with.  The crew were EXTREMELY knowledgeable, VERY friendly and REALLY wanted me to catch fish-esp. the dolphin.  They worked extremely hard to show me a good time and to get me the wide array of fish.  And they did!!!! 
If you are considering going fishing in Miami, don't hesitate to book with these fellas.  They WILL deliver!
Thanks again fellas!
Norm Braddock
Edmonton, Alberta


Capt. Jay,

Hi,  Just send you our email for the photos of the big catch.  Keith and I had a great time fishing.  The barracuda is going to make a great, first addition to our trophy wall at the lake.
Look forward to seeing the photos.

Great Barracuda

Hi Jay – I was on your charter last Thursday when we caught the 63” hammer head.  Did you happen to take any pictures that you can share?  Thanks again for the exciting tripyou and John work well together.

Donna M. DeLury

Fiduciary Development Administrator



Hammer Head Shark


a great day fishing...


Arman Minasian



Shark, Ambers, Bull Dolphin, Kings


Thank you for the greatest time ever!!!!!!!!!!!


Sara Stutesman


8 Foot Hammer Head

Hi Jay!
Just wanted to send the pictures of our catch on April 18th.  We had such a great time and Geno and John were so awesome to work with.  I hate that you couldn't be there but we will see ya on the next trip we book.  Hope you Grandfather had a great birthday celebration!  John (or Johnny-not sure which he goes by) was terrific.  You are so lucky to have him working for you.  Please let me know if you are not able to view these pictures.  John said ya'll would get one on the website.   Tell the guys I said hello.  Look forward to seeing you all again soon!   Thanks again!!
Teresa (& Eric) Drum


9 Foot Hammer Head

Capt. Jay,

"Hey,,,,Just want to say Thanks again for a great,,,,no amazing Fishing experience,,,,The Boys and Girls back home her are very Jealous,,, We are just trying to hammer out a time when me and few can venture back down to see ya,,,,maybe a 3-day fishing trip !

I'm still totally pumped about the whole experience!!!
Thanks again to both of You !
And boy am I glad we got rid of those Bananas!"
Matthew & Vivianne

10 Foot Hammer Head


thanks for a great's the picture we promised

Chris Malone

25lb Black


Thanks for a great trip!


50lb Amberjack on a Spinner




42lb Black


Just wanted to thank you again for the great fishing excursion on December 24.  My dad and I had a great time! See the attached pictures.  Thanks again!!

David Rosemberg

35lb Almaco and Kings

Capt. Jay

"We had a great time on Spellbound April 2nd. You are definitely the Captain, we will book when we are down again, and will definitely recommend you to others. You and Ritchie know your stuff man. "Attached are a few pic's. The Almaco's size is best seen in the one you are holding it. There's a few other beauties in your site too. You've obviously had some very happy anglers over the years.

Brian Stolte

38lb Almaco

Attached are several photos I took of the sailfish we caught on Saturday, Oct 23.  Jason Drysdale was the angler from RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) who reeled in the sailfish.  The rest of the group were Graeme Hepworth, Steve De Vos, and me (Richard Chase).  We had a great time.  You and Richard run a great charter.  Thanks again.
-Richard Chase


7 foot sail RELEASED


Capt. Jay,

"Sorry it has taken me so long to get you these pics from our fishing  charter. We had an Awesome time  Let me know if you need anything else."

Greg Lipinski

45lb King


Capt jay,

"Thank you for a great time.  Our charter in late March was perfect and ended with a great catch too, a 54 in Golden Amberjack, with close to 60 lbs.  The picture is attached.  You may post the picture on your site as well.

Sincerely yours,"

John Perez



55lb Amberjack



"Thanks for a great time Harry is excited to see some of his catch on the web site

Best regards"

Michael Singer


Harry catches his first Shark





"Attached is the picture of the Warsaw grouper that we caught during our trip last Thursday. Thanks for everything we enjoyed it. Take care and we will give you a call next time we are in town."


75lb Warsaw


Dear Jay,

"Just wanted to thank you for a great day on August 6th.  What a way for my husband to celebrate his birthday!
I have attached a couple of photos."
Take care,
Jessica DaGrosa


8 foot sail


"Capt Jay, my husband and family and I were out w/ you last November. We caught the Mahi Mahi and the Wahoo. We had such a good time and this year we are vacationing in Cancun in October. I was wondering if you could recommend anyone in the Cancun/Cozumel area that we could charter and go fishing with. We enjoyed it so much that we are trying to fish every year on vacation, we've got the bug!!!  One of these years we are going to book a trip back to Miami to do a full day fishing trip with you guys. We had a great time and maybe I'll get you those pictures of the Wahoo one of these days :-)"

Lacee Wilson


45lb Wahoo


"I assume you're going to get these pics several times, but just in case.  Thanks for the excellent time !"

all the best

7 foot sail RELEASED


Hey capt. Jay - just got back to work and wanted to send you the pictures of my brothers shark.  I forgot to bring them in, but I put them on the web (including a link to your site) at if you want to download 'em.

Thanks again - we had a great time!



the jaws of jaws

7 foot "Cuban" Night Shark

Jay and Ralph,

We had a great day with the two of you last week. Here are some pictures to share with your next customers. We will see you again!!!!

John K Duggan


40lb Amberjacks... and more


thanks for a great day last Thursday. I have been talking to all my friends about what a great day we had.
Could you please email me a JPEG of the fish I caught last Thursday. My email address is:
Hope you had a good day in the tournament last Saturday.
Hope we join up again some time on another charter. Thanks


7 foot sail RELEASED

Capt. Jay,

You asked me to send you a digital picture of the bass I caught
last Friday (12-9) while on the GMAC Risk Services Charter.  Marvin
McDougal took the picture that is attached and sent it along to me.  We had a great time and I want to thank both you and John for making the charter memorable.

28lb Snowy

Wow! Was its name "JAWS". He had a great time I have been telling all the guys at Ford about our great time. I hope to be back soon.

Thanks again,

 Ed and Christine Sobieski

Wahoo & Tunny


Hello Captain Jay & John,
"We really enjoyed our fishing excursion with the two of you for our Father's Day weekend retreat. Our day started out with catching Benito's (?), a King Fish, Red Snapper and we ended our day with me landing the Bull Shark. Our outing will be included in stories among our family for the rest of our lives. I have attached some of the images from our excursion. I have also told lots of people about your Charter service and look forward to seeing you again for an excursion in 2007!
Thanks again for being a perfect host." 
Warmest Regards,
Robert B. Hawkins

7 foot Bull Shark


Captain Jay,

Wanted to let you know we had great time fishing with you and John.  Even Wally wants to go again sometime.  You asked that I send a picture for your files and find out if my Almaco was a world record.  Do you have any details on the possibility that it might have been a record?
Happy Fishing!

At Your Service,
Carol Wight
NM Restaurant Association

15lb Almaco jack

Photo package 1 of 3 taken during 8-hour fishing that we thoroughly enjoyed.
Steve Dimperio
Charter Roofing & Waterproofing
Houston, Texas



8 Foot Bull Shark !

Hi Jay,

Steve and I wanted to thank you for the great time we had with you on 04-05-07.  The two boys had a great time too and of course Kris was pretty  jacked that he caught the biggest fish.

I also want to thank you for the "in" at Joe's Stone Crab.  Your buddy got us seated in less than 10 minutes on a Friday night!  Great food too.  Thanks for everything.  We will call again next time we are in Miami.  You can also count on referrals.  You did a great job and you and your first mate are really easy guys to hang out with.
Thanks again!  Laura Thompson