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Kite Fishing Miami


From the fall to the spring Kite fishing is the best method to catch Sail Fish, Hammer Head Sharks, Silky Sharks, Bull Dolphin, Smoker Kings, Black fin tuna & many more.  The Kite fishing method has a few main purposes, the first is to keep the live bait right on the surface.  The live bait that we use are mainly baits that like to be near or on the bottom, So they really don't want to be on the surface, and they let us know.  Swimming violently to get deep to no avail, stuck on the surface by the force of the wind and uniquely clever rigging.  These panicking baits are sending out signals that exactly match what the predators are searching for.

The Kite also lets us place live baits at pre determined distances from the boat and each other.  With ideal conditions of wind and sea we can fish two kites at the same time, with three baits in each with a total of six baits, on the surface with out tangles at one time. In addition if conditions prevail we can add some deep baits and semi deep rigger baits to the spread.  Some times we may have as many as twelve baits in the water at one time.  The best part of kite fishing is that it is very visual.  Every fish will show them selves, & we get to see them chase and eat the baits as if we were not there.  It is the absolute most exiting way to catch any of the great game wish Miami has to offer.  When you book your trip inquire about Kite fishing , find out if its the right time of the year to put the "rags in the air"



Strangest fish we caught in the Kite: Red Grouper & Golden Amberjack