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Trolling is probably the most widely practiced tactic to pursue game fish.  Used in all oceans and great lakes trolling is highly productive ageless technique. Trolling is simply dragging a bait or lure behind the boat.  The key to trolling is to make a dead bait or lure look like it is alive.  The next step is to combine lures and baits to give the appearance of a school of bait fish. To heighten the appeal to predators the savvy fisherman will make their school of baits look like they are fleeing predators. When a dolphin sees our baits we want him to think they are all swimming away  from him. One last detail that most people do not realize is that the boat, its noise, and disturbance in the water all help to attract the game fish and draw them in.  They think the boat and all its noise is a big school of fish, and our baits are the stragglers, easy Pickens. 

We have taken trolling to new levels incorporating proven tactics of years past and lot's of new twists to produce big catches.   Our trolling spread is modified to fit the targeted species.  Our general trolling spread contains six rods, two teasers, and a total of ten lures or baits working the surface and all levels of the water column.  The targeted trolling fish are Sail Fish, Marlin, Dolphin (mahi), Tuna, Wahoo, Kings, Barracuda, Little Tunny, Bonita, and grouper.  Trolling can produce many different species in the same area, multiple hookups are common.  Book a trolling trip and see the action first hand.


The strangest fish we have caught trolling are: shark, remora, snapper, & cobia.


Two Wahoo on the troll Every one can do it! Big Dolphin Lot's of action Sailfish trolling!

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