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Bottom Fishing (Reef & Wreck)


Live Bait bottom fishing around reefs and wrecks is a great method to catch some really big bottom fish.  Golden Amberjack up to almost 90lbs, grouper up to 85lbs, we have even caught snapper up to 80lbs.  We know more than 275 wrecks and rubble piles in our area and just want the opportunity to drop a live bait on any of them.  Great fun, great action, and lot's of excitement.  When you book your adventure tell the Capt. you want to go wreck fishing! 

Bottom fishing is a relaxing and fun method of fishing that produces a lot of action and fish of all sizes.  Simple rigs of multiple hooks and just enough lead to reach the bottom. Cut bait on each hook will produce a bite every  time, if the Capt. puts you in the right place. Targeted species are, Snapper, Grouper, Jacks, & Trigger Fish.

Specialized deep bottom fishing with electric reels in water from 400' to over 2000' will target Sword Fish, Golden Tile Fish, many species of sea bass, snapper, grouper, barrel fish, & black belly rose fish.  If you want to find out more come book a trip and we can show you some amazing deep sea fish species that you may have never seen before.


Lets Go Bottom Fishing !